What is the largest dog you board?

For the safety and comfort of all our guests including the smallest ones, we take up to a King Charles Cavalier / West Highland terrier in size, around the max in weight of approx 10kg. If your dog is a small breed, but overweight than that is of course fine.

How many dogs are you licensed for home boarding?

We are licensed to board 6 dogs, and at peak times spaces can be limited as we do tend to get fully booked quickly. As the majority of bookings are return custom. We only accept one new dog at any given time.

How do I go about booking in my dog?

You’re welcome to complete the booking form or just give us a call (or text) and we will phone you back. If your dog is suitable and we have available space for your requested dates, then we would arrange a suitable time and date that you can bring your dog for a trial visit. The trial visit is one of our licence conditions; we can show you and your dog around and introduce you to Lucy our resident dog. We will also discuss your dog’s requirements. You are welcome to go away and have a think about things, or alternatively if we are both happy with your dog staying with us we would ask you to complete a booking form. For trial visits please allow up to 1 hour.

What happens if my dog is not suitable on a trial visit?

Quite simply we will tell you, we have to take into account the welfare of all staying dogs. We treat every dog as our own. We have an outstanding reputation and pride ourselves in knowing our return customers depend on us to put their dog’s health and welfare first.

Do dogs live in your house or kennels?

Dogs come to our house as guests and are treated as one of our own; our home is a kennel-less loving and welcoming environment. They have free run of our house and garden and all the home comforts that they are used to.

What will I need to provide for my dogs stay?

Don’t worry about a thing, upon a successful trial visit you will be presented with a print out of your booking confirmation and an information leaflet of what to bring.

Does my dog have to be vaccinated and do I have to bring proof of this?

Yes your dog will have to be vaccinated. Proof of this will have to be supplied at the trial visit and brought with you for the duration of your dogs stay.

Does my dog have to have kennel cough vaccine?

This is not a licence requirement, but we strongly recommended it. The vaccine must be administered at least two weeks prior to boarding

What would happen if my dog is ill whilst we are on holiday?

We will take your dog to the vets and seek medical treatment; we use Springfield in Moorgate, Rotherham. They offer 24/7 veterinary assistance. We will pay the bill and be reimbursed by you upon your return.

Can you supply dog toys?

Yes we have a huge toy box full of toys for all to play with.

What is your policy on dog chews such as raw hides, bones etc?

Sorry but due to all dogs safety we don’t give any dogs rawhides or bones of any sort. You’re welcome to supply treats that are easily chewed and pose no choking risk. We can provide dog treats (free of charge) they are gluten and wheat free, we have reindeer antlers (stag bars) for all our guests as these are yummy and do not splinter they are also good for their teeth. We also give dogs small pieces of carrot, frozen carrots, or something similar.

If my dog gets mucky how much will bathing him cost?

Nothing, we treat all dogs as our own and if they need a bath of course we will bath them. You don’t even need to supply doggy shampoo unless your dog has allergies or a favourite brand then just bring your own.

My dog is a grazer and has no set meal times will this be a problem?

All dogs eat separately, they enjoy a little space at mealtimes and whether the dogs require 2, 4, 6, or more meal times, or opportunity times, we can accommodate for all. Plus they can always go to bed with a supper.

We have a mini dachshund with back problems will this be an issue?

Yes perhaps, as we live in an old Victorian house and the steps leading from the kitchen to the garden are steep (some are 8 inches high) now although the tiniest dog in the world (tea-cup Chihuahua) the steps pose no problem at all. However as a mini dachshund is one of the dogs with the shortest legs at approx 4 inches high and a low carriage and long body the steps would be too steep and could pose a risk. For this reason our boarding establishment would not be suitable. We can always carry dogs up and down steps or stairs, Sorry for all mini dachshunds out there but we have to put your safety first.

Do you let dogs off the lead on walks?

No, we operate an ON-leash at all times policy when out in public areas on walks. This is for safety, peace of mind and dogs are insured. (off leash dogs are not insured). We also have a Sporn Harness for every dog that stays as collars are only used for I.D tags and not walks.


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